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Assisting Your Enclosure Design.

Assisting Your Enclosure Design.


Resonance Calc icon image

ResonanceCalc is the app which can do a vent design more in detail.
It calculate the resonance frequency from the box volume and vent size.

Interface corresponds to the various vent shapes.

Resonance Calc Ported Circular Vent window imagee. Resonance Calc  Ported Rectangular Vent window imagee.

Ported Circular Vent

Ported Rectangular Vent

Resonance Calc  Ducted Circular Vent window image. Resonance Calc  Both End Free Duct window image.

Ducted Circular Vent

Both End Free Duct

Other Features

The box volume corresponds from three sizes or volume(Liter).
There is setting by which the volume of the vent is subtract from the box volume.
It's possible to estimate filling of a fibrous material.
The open end correction of a vent is included.
An air column resonant frequency of a vent is displayed.
An effective vent length by open end correction is displayed.
A Q of vent value is displayed.
Capture of a window screen.

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