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Assisting Your Enclosure Design.

Assisting Your Enclosure Design.


Box designer FA icon image

BoxDesignerFA is support Keele's sixth order and Leach's fourth order filter assisted low boost alignment.

Box designer FA Main Design window imagee. Box designer FA Filter Circuit window imagee.

Main Design Window

Select Filter Circuit Design Tab

Filter Circuit Design

You can select from three kinds of system.

Box designer FA system select window image

Thirteen characteristics can be displayed.

Box designer FA amplitude characteristics window image. Box designer FA power rating characteristics window image.


Power Rating

Box designer FA impedance characteristics window image. Box designer FA displacement characteristics window image.



Box designer FA phase characteristics window image Box designer FA group delay characteristics window image


Group Delay

Box designer FA nyquist diagram characteristics window image Box designer FA air Vibration in vent characteristics window image

Nyquist Diagram

Air Vibration in Vent

Box designer FA step response characteristics window image Box designer FA vent information characteristics window image

Step Response

Vent information

Box designer FA system profile window image Box designer FA fiter circuit window image

System Profile

Filter Circuit

Box designer FA comparision with infinit buffle window image Box designer FA in case of simple vented window image

Comparison with Infinite Baffle

Comparison Infi Baffle

In Case of Simple Vented

Simple Vented Case

Five kinds of loudspeaker connection can be select.

Box designer FA loudspeaker connection select window image

The optimized vent size can be designed.

Box designer FA circular vent design window image Box designer FA rectangular vent design window image

Vent Design (Circular)

Vent Design (Rectangular))

Vent Design (Rectang)

Other Features

BoxDesignerFA is the application which uses the second order line level low boost filter and designs the system to get better low-frequency performance by a little box volume.
Optimum flat characteristics does default adaptation of three kinds of each system.
The above prevents sticking out accident of diaphragm.
A boost of +3dB or +6dB can be designed, and a boost circuit by an operation amplifier can be designed at the same time.
BoxDesignerFA is made based on the theory by D. B. Keele, Jr. , W. Marshall Leach, Jr. and others.
Capture of a window screen.
Note : It's possible to open only one of file now.

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